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  • Stihl MS 441 20" BAR


    Used Stihl MS441 Chain Saw,  STIHL's most advanced pro chainsaw. The MS 441 C-M features STIHL M-Tronic, a fully electronic controlled ignition timing and fuel metering system. This modern, low vibration and high performance saw is simple to start and operate by automatically adjusting to the conditions you are working in. The M-Tronic system even remembers your settings from the last time you used the tool for quick and easy use. Optimised power to weight ratio. Very low vibration levels. Up to 20% less fuel consumption and 50% fewer emissions compared to conventional two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology.

    RRP £1116.00 Inc Vat
    Used for a maximum of 10 mins

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  • Countax C60 tractor including 42" XRD cutter...


    Nearly new Countax C60 completed only 34 hours

    NEW RRP 5255.00

    2000.00 off RRP

    The C-Series has been Britain’s favourite range of garden tractor for over two decades.  The core benefits of cutting and collecting in the wet, striping a lawn and the use of a machine 12 months of the year make the C-series the tractor of choice for thousands of customers


    Like all Countax tractors, a C series is built to a much higher specification than most ‘ride-on lawnmowers.’ It’s extra-tough.  With a heavy-duty steel chassis, cast front axle and reinforced cutter deck, a C series is designed to handle the rigours of hard work ­ day, day out

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