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With a comprehensive selection of petrol lawn mowers we want you to get the right mower for your lawn and the right mower for you. Choose the size- choose the engine - choose the drive. One thing that is most important to us is the particularly simple operation. Innovative product features such as adjustable cutting height, aerodynamic grass box and ball bearing light-weight wheels impressively demonstrate this. Our state-of-the-art petrol lawnmowers are impressive, with their outstanding design, and their excellent technology allows you to quickly, efficiently and comfortably mow large lawns, slopes and gardens with many trees. Benefit from more than 50 years of experience in garden technology,

  • AL-KO Easy 4.2 P-S


    Featuring a steel deck which comes fully assembled in the box, this entry level petrol lawnmower is a "promotional" product designed to increase footfall and online marketing activites.

    The mow and collect functions, 7-stage cutting height adjustment, ergonomically shaped handles and XL rear wheels make the Easy 4.2 P-S a durable and easy to operate lawn mower.

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